Child #2: the Boy Wonder

Why the Boy Wonder? Well, in my opinion my oldest boy has a lot of similarities with a superhero.

Athletic and sporty; he can turn his hand to most sports successfully. He’s a keen footballer, swimmer, athlete. You name it, he can do it. Goodness only knows where he gets it from – maybe it’s a trait from his mother’s side of the family but he certainly doesn’t get it this from me!

Physical attributes are one thing, but the comparison doesn’t stop there. He’s deeply caring about others, almost to a fault. This ability to emphasise means that he is really popular. His mother was a registered childminder for a time; the younger children adored him and this continued when his mother later had another baby. 

It also lead to him taking the decision to become vegetarian. At the age of 5, he made the decision not to eat meat as he ‘didn’t like what happened to the piggies’ – this made all the more challenging as up to that point some of the few foods he would eat were things like sausage and ham!

Like any hero, he has some flaws which he can struggle with on occasion. Someone once highlighted that your greatest strength can also be your greatest weakness – in this case his caring side can result in him being overly sensitive and worried about what others think. He can be eager to please others but can leave himself without what he wants. 

As well as being a bit of a picky eater, he also takes an age to eat anything (one sandwich took over an hour!). On one occasion, he took so long that we left the table as we simply couldn’t keep waiting. We explained this to him and I stayed in the kitchen tidying but was soon aware of him crying. 

Asking him what was wrong, he finally admitted that a) he was sad because he was alone at the table and b) he didn’t like what was for dinner. I had told him what was for dinner before I cooked it but he was worried that everyone else wanted it and would miss out if he asked for something else.
Our mutual love of football (and one particular club) has brought us a shared interest to bond over. I hope that one day I can take him to see his (and my) first match at their home ground and see his excitement and reaction to the crowd. 

He will always be my hero – I can only hope that in some small way I’ll be his.


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