Child #3: the Bear Cub

My other half and I had only been dating for a short time when she started feeling sick one day (I can confirm it wasn’t just my presence). This sickness continued for a few days before I started to suspect that it may not be just something she ate causing the problem. 

9 months later and after a labour that felt like a lifetime (I had to play Football Manager to stave off the boredom!) – our Bear Cub arrived, bruised, bright red and screaming his way into our lives! And we haven’t had a moment’s peace since! 

He is a bundle of energy, constantly looking for the next thing to get into. Mischievous, with a cheeky grin that could melt anyone’s heart; he gets away with murder, especially when it comes to his favourite audience – his mum! He is a typical mummy’s boy – I only get a look in when she’s not about (which is rare) and I’m dropped like a stone the moment she returns. 

His enthusiasm for life can quickly turn to anger if he doesn’t get what he wants and / or he’s tired. Maybe he’s a grizzly bear. Or a bi’polar’ bear…

We were worried about how he would react to another baby. He was so protective of his mum with other children we weren’t entirely sure how it was going to go. We needn’t have worried at all – he is an amazing big brother to his baby sister and regularly keeps her entertained with a smile, a laugh or by bringing her a toy. His relationship with her is beautiful to watch as it develops. 

He hates it when she cries – he would burst into tears if she got upset in the early days of her being at home and even now he gets emotional if he thinks he has upset or hurt her. He accidentally banged his head on hers when going for a slightly too enthusiastic kiss and it was like the world had ended! She stopped crying long before he did. 

Today he blew kisses at me as I left the room to head off to work, then I heard a door slam as he decided to make sure I definitely wasn’t heading back! His latest obsession is banging doors – often in my face!

One craze that hasn’t passed is his love for animals – dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, goats, you name it and they’ll get an excited Bear Cub running over to them with a big smile on his face. Our dog (lovingly termed Pig Dog thanks to her snout and love of food) adores and is confused by him simultaneously. She doesn’t know whether to play with the whirlwind or run away from it half the time.

So that’s our cuddly, growling, excitable bundle of fun who brings us so much laughter and entertainment. Life with him is never boring! 


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