Child #4: the Little Boofuls

The Little Boofuls is exactly that; little and boofuls. I write this with her sleeping soundly using me as a daddy shaped mattress and I couldn’t be happier about it. 

It was Halloween 2015 when we discovered my other half was pregnant for the second time. The smell of pumpkin was making her feel sick as I carved it for the Bear Cub. A pregnancy test later and some pee on a stick brought a huge grin on our faces once again.

As before with her brother, we didn’t find out the sex of our baby as we wanted the surprise. It would have been more practical to know but where’s the fun in that? 

My other half did amazingly – completing her labour using only a little gas and air towards the end. And then this beautiful baby girl appeared and I was smitten. 

She completes our family. Like her mum she has the most beautiful smile that lights up a room. She is reminiscent of a Cabbage Patch Doll; chubby cheeks, big smile and you just want to pick her up and cuddle her.

She has an infectious little giggle and likes to squeal when she’s excited; all of which offsets the times when she’s grizzling. The giggling and squealing is heard most when being entertained by her big brother. She adores him; craning her head round to see what he’s up to and beaming at him as he pays her attention.

I know babies are windy, but I’ve never come across one who farts so loudly at such frequency. Every time she turns over in her sleep, it sets her off again, leaving us in stitches and wonder at how such a small body can hold so much gas!

She’s still sleeping as I finish this post. Lying peacefully and lightly snoring, this is definitely one of my favourite times of the day. I’m one very lucky daddy.


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