Child #1: the Firstborn

My eldest daughter is the brains of the family. Intelligent, with an ability to soak up information; she has always fascinated me with the level of detail she retains on a wide range of subjects. 

She learned to read at an early age; she would try anything she could pick up. This lead to a few awkward questions as I used to buy the local newspaper to keep up with the football. Driving along one day, I could hear rustling from her seat as she turned the pages until a little voice piped up with ‘what’s a kerbcrawler Daddy?’ Needless to say, I never left the paper in the car again!

People often say that with intelligence often comes a lack of common sense. My daughter is the living embodiment of this theory. To say she can be a bit ditsy would be an understatement. One trip out, she needed to use the bathroom. Off she trotted with me and her brother waiting patiently outside for her to appear. 25 minutes passed and still no return. 

Concerned, I asked a lady to check on her. She returned a few seconds later laughing – she had found my daughter stood just talking to herself in the mirror and worse still, she hadn’t even been to the toilet. A further 5 mins passed before she emerged looking a little sheepish.

Always late, takes an age to do anything and can drive me crazy with her insistence that she knows more than I do on any topic – however she will always be the beautiful little bundle passed to me just after she was born who changed my view on life forever. She’s kind, inquisitive, loyal and a wonderful big sister.

I do worry about her – she’s become shy and introspective as she gets older. She also shuns convention; preferring to be different to the extreme. I want her to have her own identity but not to the point of extricating herself from others. Now at secondary school, I hope she is making friends and having a better time than I did when I started out.

She’s grown up so fast – I wish I could go back and enjoy the time again, paying more attention to every little detail and absorbing it just the way she does with her latest interest. 

I hope she realises she will always hold a special place in my heart as she was the start of the parenting adventure; she is my Firstborn. 


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