Toddler Logic

Logic – the cornerstone of good decision making. The locus of common sense and the key ingredient for anyone with a modicum of sanity. 

Unless you’re a toddler – then you’re just batshit crazy…

Toddler logic is an incredible thing – this is where your little person attempts or tries to enforce something which to all intents and purposes defies logic, then kicks off because you try and help them using conventional logic. It’s like touching two live wires together – highly dangerous and likely to spark some real fireworks!

Allow me to offer some examples:

The First Born would not touch sand. At the seaside, we would have to take towels and hire deckchairs which we would have to lay out in a way where she could go from one deck chair to the other. 

On one occasion she decided she wanted to go to the water so carried one end of the towel with her whilst walking along the rest. After a short distance, she soon came across the obvious problem; she ran out of floor based towel and couldn’t go any further. 

To our amusement, she then tried to pull the towel she was stood on so she could put the other end down. After much huffing and puffing, it all got too much for her and…

MELTDOWN! Cue Daddy picking her up and carrying her down to the waves, where she still wouldn’t stand herself! 

The Boy Wonder once got angry with his shadow because it kept following him. After stamping on it multiple times and shouting at it to ‘goway’, he finally became overwhelmed with the futility of it all and…

MELTDOWN!! Cue taking him into a nearby cafe (shaded so no obvious shadows) and buying him an ice cream while he calmed down.

And finally, the biggest crazy of them all – the Bear Cub! He has blown his mind over the teeniest of things, such as crying about a banana being cut up (he wanted it whole) and having the audacity to make him toast when he asked for toast. The favourite has to be Spoongate. 

He was eating using a green spoon. All was going well until he inevitably dropped the spoon on the floor. The Pigdog licked it so the other half took it to the sink and got a new spoon – an orange one. The reaction?

MELTDOWN!! Cue the other half having to speedily wash up the green spoon so that order could be restored across the universe. 

Goodness only knows what we should expect from the Little Boofuls! It’s going to be fun finding out! 

Toddler logic may not make sense to us – it may make us want to rip our hair out (if we have any left!) but it’s a key part of their development and building their personality. And if these episodes are anything to go by, I think they’re going to be really interesting when they grow up!


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